Ooga Booga: With Bonus Content

"I thoroughly enjoyed how Walker could keep me engaged, intrigued and excited to find out what happens next. Just when I thought I'd figured out where the book was going, Walker pulls the literary carpet out from under me. 4 out of 4 Stars." -OnlineBookClub.org


OOGA BOOGA: WITH BONUS CONTENT, the latest Amazon bestselling novel from Gerry Walker, is a fast-paced, speculative-futuristic work.


It has been a few years since the deaths of Tamir, Michael, Eric, Tanisha, Freddie, Philando and Sandra.


A mysterious condition invades the U.S., erasing the Black individual's ability to speak any known languages. A bizarre new dialect - able to stun all others who hear it spoken - has surfaced instead. Unable to comprehend their surroundings, they take to the streets and do what they can to survive. This sparks nationwide panic, triggering a government mandate to capture Black people and transport them to isolation camps.


Marketing executive Vanessa Landing - a woman with a dark past - risks everything to fight for their freedom, not realizing the web of deception awaiting her, nor the liberating love that will transform her from an insecure corporate pawn into the fierce warrior she was meant to be.


OOGA BOOGA: WITH BONUS CONTENT. Warning: History Repeats.

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